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7+ years of IT experience
Building Remote Tech Teams for Global Industries

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Sevendyne is a fast-growing IT and Human Resource Service company. It offers an outsourced human resource management service and serves as an intuitive IT desk for your company.

In the last seven years, Sevendyne has expanded its client base to two continents and four countries, viz, the UK, Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore. Based in South India, it sifts through the 4.5 billion strong Indian IT workforce and selects talents to build your team of the best techs in the digital world.

Sevendyne brings together the resources to meet the requirements of multi-field corporations. It employs a hassle-free system of IT services and workforce management that streamlines the work schedule by leaving the company free to concentrate on its expertise.

The personalisable menu of our Human Resource and IT services are an efficient solution to specific corporate needs.